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Aveleen Rose is a singer/songwriter, TV presenter, dancer, actress and martial artist. 

A born performer with a contagious passion towards art and life and a fiery energy that can only be tamed by music and artistic endeavours.


She will catch you off guard, she will tempt you to her world and transform you and your existence inside out.


The singer/songwriter has been compared with the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Linda Perry. Currently she is residing in the inspiring capital of Scotland, Edinburgh where besides making music she is also a Dance Instructor and trains in Martial Arts. 'Music has always been very important to me, for my growth and my wellbeing. I seem to write songs at important stages in my life, and they helped me heal and grow on a soul level. I really hope they will have the same effect on those who will listen to them. '

After performing with various bands, a variety of styles from Blues and Rock to Celtic and Jazz, Aveleen Rose began working towards her solo career and in 2016 she recorded her Debut EP ‘Who I Am’. The album was released in April 2018. "Music helped me in many ways, but mainly reminded me of who I really was". Her debut EP titled 'Who I Am', is  a journey towards self discovery and freedom.


Aveleen’s songwriting is inspired by various life circumstances, inequality, injustice, true love, spirituality, individuality and her songs hold positive messages and meanings.

Thank you for your love and support 

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